Have you ever met someone that truly knows you? I mean someone that thinks your thoughts, sees your secrets? Someone who touches a place inside you that you never knew existed? Everything you feel, they feel it too? You can get so close that you both disappear, and there is no more “you.” There’s no more “them.” There is only “us.” And one day you realize.. They’re living in your skin uninvited. Now, what if that person hates you?



Our love is forever endless,

Since the day we knew we’d click.

Seconds, minutes, hours go by..

We don’t notice the ticks.

From backyard talks to bedroom locks,

Our love continues rising.

The sun goes up, the moon comes out,

The time is so surprising.

The clock on the wall, forever going,

Our love continues growing.

Speed up time, forever mine,

Our love is always flowing.

We count the seconds, minutes, hours..

It never fails to end.

Our love continues, we blossom more,

Our road will sometimes bend.

With this time, we know no finish,

We only know beginnings.

Endless time, forever mine,

Our love is always winning.

Adrianne Jayde
January 11, 2017