You hurt deep inside

You’re uncomfortable

But the hurting fades

Soon you are comfortable

You hurt again, but you learn to numb the pain

It must be love

It must be real

Because you are used to it


Adrianne Jayde

Douglas Fir

Free-writing. Journal Entry Topic: Write a love poem to your hometown.

Your cold breath on my skin

Say “goodbye” again

Eternal beauty all around

I feel your touch within

Miles separate your body from mine

I’ll be back for you

I’ll never leave your touch again

Our love sits on the timberline

Rainy day- my heart aches for you

I’ll never leave your touch again

Sunshine shows- heartache stops

In memory is your view

Many places my heart has been

I’ll be seeing you

My soul sits in your body

Forever, my beautiful Oregon

Adrianne Jayde
April 23, 2017


Our love is forever endless,

Since the day we knew we’d click.

Seconds, minutes, hours go by..

We don’t notice the ticks.

From backyard talks to bedroom locks,

Our love continues rising.

The sun goes up, the moon comes out,

The time is so surprising.

The clock on the wall, forever going,

Our love continues growing.

Speed up time, forever mine,

Our love is always flowing.

We count the seconds, minutes, hours..

It never fails to end.

Our love continues, we blossom more,

Our road will sometimes bend.

With this time, we know no finish,

We only know beginnings.

Endless time, forever mine,

Our love is always winning.

Adrianne Jayde
January 11, 2017

The Sleeper’s Ending

Free-writing. Journal Entry Topic: Write a poem about endings.

Now sleeps the stars, the light of the sky

Vanish do the crickets from the ear and the sight

Absent is the silence by the breeze of the trees

Abandoned are the sheep that the sleeper frees

Asleep goes the moon tucked in light of the sky

A goodnight kiss from the sun’s “goodbye”

Unseen are the owls- unheard are their hoots

Now sleeps the night that makes the whole world mute


Sunrise eats the night’s darkness whole

Rejuvenated becomes the morning soul

A new day approaches the mind of the sleeper

The bird’s song defines the morning’s peacekeeper

The sun polishes the sky as life’s natural light

Clear are the clouds from the mountaintop height

The sleeper wakes up as he knows he’ll be tending

to a new day that started by the root of his ending.

Adrianne Jayde

“Save Me”

Do you know that I still dream of you?

I run away with you to Neverland.

Except it becomes No Man’s Land

Because there’s no one there to save me.

Do you know that I still dream of you?

Too young to figure it out.

I’m helpless in a world of dying dreams

Because there’s no one there to save me.

Do you know that I still dream of you?

You’ve risen from the dead.

You brought my soul to visit my body

Because there was no one there to save me.

Adrianne Jayde
November 13, 2015

“The Second Love”

My favorite piece.

What happens to a dream deferred?

The question you ask when you run out of words.

The dream deferred is nothing more than the dream

which becomes the dream that was blurred.

Your words which rolled off the tip of your tongue stirred

words that came out only sloppy and slurred.

The love of your dream becomes nightmare and strife,

You learn to be complacent with your back towards life.

The thought of love alone stands in hand with a scythe,

The love of your life is at your back with a knife.

You build walls up against those intentions that merge,

For when your walls are let down, it’s a romantic purge.

Your expectations of people desists to diverge,

You expect that their love will cease to converge.

Sooner or later- a dream deferred,

Becomes undeferred, a dream furthered.

Into another soul lies your love transferred,

Because of the first, you assume this absurd.

Without the love of your dream, it’s nightmare and strife.

You feel discontent when you have to face life.

The thought without your love draws your hand with a scythe,

Without the love of your life, it’s your back with a  knife.

The walls you built come down as you merge

with another soul, the numbness has purged.

Your uneasy thought will soon diverge,

A second love grows, two hearts converge.

Adrianne Jayde
October 15, 2014

“The Broken Promise”

Tattered heart and hopeful visions, we couldn’t make amends.

Constant bicker which felt like battles, we concluded just as friends.

Apology upon apology, with nothing more, we then start to compose.

History repeats itself all over again, “the end,” we again propose.

Distance was never too much for us, then the distance became enough.

Communication was worn as our strong suits, then our communication became too tough.

“Forever” kept my heart at peace, “infinity” was saved in promise.

We had our share of our last goodbyes, but never share our one last kiss.

I couldn’t imagine a world this way, I could not compromise-

A world so desolate beyond belief, a world so filled with lies.

Here’s an ode to the 25th, the day our promise was soon born.

Seventeen months of greater good, for these months I shall never mourn.

Adrianne Jayde
February 2014